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About the company

Blackbird AI provides AI-driven cybersecurity solutions to detect and mitigate online threats in real-time.

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Infrastructure - Devops Engineer
Blackbird AI ·  AI driven cybersecurity solutions



30+ days ago

Developed by Blake and Linh in the US and Vietnam.
We're interested in hearing what you like and don't like! Live chat with our founder or join our Discord
🚀 LaunchpadNov 27
Create a site and sell services based on your CV.
🔥 Job search dashboardNov 13
Revamped job search UI with a sortable grid, live filtering, bookmarks, and application tracking.
🫡 Cover letter instructionsSep 27
New Studio settings give you control over AI output.
✨ Cover Letter StudioAug 9
Automatically generate cover letters for any job.
🎯 Suggested filtersAug 6
Copilot suggests additional filters above the results.
⚡️ Quick applicationsAug 2
Apply to jobs using info from your CV. Initial coverage of ~200k jobs in Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands.
🧠 Job AnalysisJul 12
Have Copilot read job descriptions and extract out key info you want to know. Click "Analyze All" to try it out. Click on the Copilot's gear icon to customize the prompt.
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