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Sales and Customer Service Representative

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This position is responsible to provide customers with full support services and assists the customers to acquire new sales, adhering to company policies and procedures to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, revenue growth and encourage the customers to purchase products.

• Greet customers, show professional attitude & appearance.

• Find out and comply to customer's needs.

• Smartly achieves the monthly target that is assigned by the team leader.

• Recommend, select and help locate the right product.

• Describes a product's features and benefits.

• Provides information about warranties, manufacturing specifications.

• Prepares the sales invoices on the systems.

• Arranges the display of devices and devices store V.M (Visual merchandising).

• Prepares the PSI report daily (Purchase, sales and inventory).

• Make stock taking daily for the devices, cards and cash.

• Make the daily cash deposits for amounts and match them with the actual sales report & register closing with team leader.

• Preparing the needed reports, daily, weekly, monthly.

• Record the customers’ order daily to the team leader.

• Advice needed stock allocation (Stock management).

• Maintains sales records & personal information data.

• Full coordination & issues escalation with the team leader.

• Recognizes and monitor security issues.

• Complies with all regulations issued by the team leader.

• Applies some services to the customers such as software information, updates, and configurations.

• Fills the customers’ information on the system.

• Helps the customers with the first technical support.

• Responds promptly to the customers inquiries.

• Obtains all relevant information to handle the customers’ inquiries and complaints.

• Conveys the customers’ complaints to the team leader.

• Directs requests and unresolved issues to the team leader.

• Get full details from the customer about requires and fills out all the details on the all systems in order to be clear for the technician support team.

• Train all new comers on technical, selling matters and all showroom regulations.

• Being a mentor to all new comers during probation period.

• Continuous follow up with the team leader in order to achieve the monthly target.

• Prepares the sales invoices as per the sales & finance departments instructions.

• Prepares the (Group affiliate & Sub affiliate) according to the customer’s requests.

• Support all the EarthLink’s future projects (FFTH, Hotspot, a new product, etc.)

• Activate subscription according to customer request with respect to specific affiliate.

• Performs other duties as and when requested by the direct manager.

• Solve activation issue after validate the case with finance system.

Maintain high level of accuracy when creating invoices and prevent any mistake (Zero Tolerance policy).


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting or any related Field.
  • 1-2 Years of experience.

Last updated on Jun 27, 2024

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Earth Link Telecommunicationsشركة مزودة لخدمات الاتصالات الأرضية في العراق تقدم خدمات الإنترنت والهاتف الثابت والشبكات الخاصة وغيرها.

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