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qoala · 30+ days ago

Founded in 2018, Qoala is an omnichannel insurtech company, with a purpose to democratize, empower and redefine insurance for customers. Qoala believes in order to redefine insurance, it takes all stakeholders to be involved. Hence, Qoala is committed to providing the utmost value to all of its stakeholders including insurance partners, customers, and regulators. Today, backed by prominent investors, Qoala is operating in four countries in Southeast Asia - Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand - and moving closer towards our goal to make insurance accessible and affordable for all.

Qoala is also:

1. Qoala App: a digital insurance marketplace that gives its users peace of mind from unexpected financial risks

2. Qoala Plus: a digital solution that enables our Mitras to sell various insurance products

3. Qoala for Enterprise: a corporate insurance solution that enables our partners to save on average 25% on insurance cost structure and earn additional income stream with our state-of-the-art technology

At Qoala, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce of highly talented and ambitious individuals, with a data-driven mindset. Join our growing community of product-driven, tech enthusiasts and growth-minded individuals with strong insurance and an eye towards the needs of customers and other stakeholders, with varying experiences from leading insurance industry players, leading tech giants, management consulting, and many more.

What will Principal / Staff Engineer responsibilities look like?

  • Collaborates and makes proposals across several teams on their engineering work, and helps their team members make informed decisions in alignment with the sub-department strategic plans.
  • Exposes technology and organizational needs throughout their department.
  • Teach, mentor, grow, and provide advice to other domain experts, individual contributors, across several teams in their sub-department.
  • Play a central role in technical, business, and organizational contributions affecting the sub-department/department.
  • Plan improvements and features with a 6-month view.
  • Solves technical problems of the highest scope, complexity, and ambiguity for their sub-department.
  • Interfaces with EMs and Senior management, and enables Staff Engineers to engage on department-level aspects of larger (sub-department-wide) initiatives.
  • Looks for innovation opportunities between several teams with a willingness to experiment and to boldly confront problems of large complexity and scope.
  • Proposes initial technical implementation which supports architectural changes that solve scaling and performance problems.
  • Ensures that OKR level goals are aligned across several teams in their sub-department.
  • Guides conversations to remove blockers and encourage collaboration across teams.
  • Provides a point of escalation for sub-department teams facing complex technical challenges.
  • Attain a measurable impact on the work of sub-department teams.
  • Interact with customers and other external stakeholders as a consultant and spokesperson for the work of your sub-department.
  • Exposes the work of the sub-department and their business impact internally.
  • Knowledgeable in all specialties practiced within the Department or Sub Department
  • Develop metrics, monitors and alerting to ensure system and business health
  • Help in hiring and scaling the teams.


  • Looking for at least 5 years of experience
  • Experienced with OOPs, microservices(SOA) architecture, CI/CD best practices
  • Experience with large and complex scale systems
  • Strong experience with any dynamic language such as Nodejs, Python, Ruby, etc, and static language like GO.
  • Strong experience with web architecture and API development
  • Experience with leading, managing, and growing the engineering team
  • Experience with some fintech background(preferred) like Banking, Insurance, Lending, and Investment


  • Private insurance that covers you, your partner, and your children
  • Dental and vision benefits
  • Free lunch
  • Festive allowance
  • Performance bonus
  • Multicultural working environment

Last updated on Nov 15, 2021

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About the company

qoalaMenghadirkan asuransi terjangkau dan inovatif khususnya untuk industri teknologi. Melindungi perusahaan dari risiko finansial dan membantu mereka tumbuh dengan percaya diri. (domain:, naics2012Code: 524210, formattedName: Qoala)

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