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Kickstart Your Career with NOCCO, Barebells, and Vitamin Well in Spain!

vitamin · 20 days ago
<p><em>At <strong>Vitamin Well Group</strong>, we provide healthier and better tasting drinks, snacks, and protein products. Our core brands are Vitamin Well, NOCCO and Barebells, which are present in all Nordic countries, most of Europe, North America, the MENA region, and parts of East Asia. In 2022 we had a revenue of more than 4 billion SEK (~375M EUR) and we have a strong double-digit annual volume growth rate. We provide products in over 40 markets, with an HQ in Stockholm and offices in ten countries around Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific.</em><br></p><figure><img src="" alt="VW_Nocco_Barebells_Logo.jpg"></figure><h5>Are you passionate about sports and leading a healthy lifestyle? Are you a university student or recent graduate looking to kickstart your career in marketing or sales? We have the perfect opportunity for you!</h5><p></p><figure><img src="" alt="Puzzel-VW-1200x497.jpg"></figure><p><br></p><p>Vitamin Well in Spain is a thriving part of the group driven by unstoppable passion and energy. We proudly bring to market some of the most exciting brands: NOCCO, Vitamin Well, and Barebells. Our team of energetic, motivated individuals works together to introduce innovative functional drinks and foods. From Vitamin Well's refreshing beverages to NOCCO's performance-enhancing drinks and Barebells' protein-packed bars, we're capturing the hearts and minds of consumers across Spain.<br></p><p></p><h5>As part of our new Sampling team, you will play a crucial role in promoting our products and ensuring they reach the right audience. This is a dynamic, hands-on role with plenty of opportunities to grow and develop your skills. You will:</h5><ul><li><strong>Sample Products: </strong>Engage with potential customers and introduce them to our products.</li><li><strong>Product Understanding: </strong>Gain in-depth knowledge about our products to effectively communicate their benefits.</li><li><strong>Agile Opportunities: </strong>Be quick to seize new opportunities and adapt to changing environments.</li><li><strong>Event Participation: </strong>Represent our brand at various events, creating a positive and lasting impression.</li></ul><h5><strong></strong></h5><h5><strong>Scope:  Join us for the s</strong>ummer months of 2024 and we will see what the future holds. Flexible hours, total 20-30 hours per week. You can be based in one of the following cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, or Málaga.</h5><h5><br></h5><p>If you are interested in developing your skills and taking on more responsibilities, we invite you to step up and grow with us. Here’s what you can expect should you be tasked as the Team Leader:<strong><br></strong></p><ul><li><strong>Leadership: </strong>Lead and inspire your team, motivating them to achieve their targets and fostering a positive work environment.</li><li><strong>Coordination</strong><strong>: </strong>Ensure smooth operations by effectively coordinating with different departments and managing resources efficiently.</li><li><strong>Multitasking: </strong>Demonstrate your ability to juggle multiple tasks, maintaining high performance and productivity in a dynamic environment.</li><li><strong>Proactivity: </strong>Take initiative and be proactive in identifying opportunities for improvement and solving problems swiftly and creatively.</li></ul><p><br></p><h5>Why Join Us?<strong><br></strong></h5><ul><li><strong>Growth Potential:</strong> This role is a potential entry position to grow into a full-time role in marketing or sales.</li><li><strong>Work-Life Balance: </strong>Enjoy a flexible part-time schedule that complements your studies or other commitments.</li><li><strong>Team Spirit: </strong>Be part of a young, dynamic team that shares your passion for sports and healthy living. </li></ul><p></p><h5><strong>Welcome with your application at the latest July 15th 2024. We will review applications on an ongoing basis and the position may be filled before the last application day. </strong></h5><p> </p><p>As every process is unique and so are you, we will ask you to submit a CV and not only apply with your LinkedIn profile. </p><p> <strong><br></strong></p><h5><strong>LIFE AT VITAMIN WELL GROUP</strong></h5><p><strong></strong>Our growing family is made up of over 470 employees, representing a variety of cultures, experiences and diverse backgrounds. This diversity is a great asset as we continue our expansion and evolve our portfolio. At the same time, Vitamin Well is still very much a Swedish company, promoting Swedish values when it comes to both business and people. We treat each other in a fair and equal way, and we respect one another based on our qualities. As we expand Vitamin Well Group’s business, we are also committed to minimizing our environmental impact and continuously strive to lower emissions from for example production, logistics, and packaging.</p><p>Working at Vitamin Well, we provide a dynamic environment defined by ambition, dedication, and an entrepreneurial spirit. In our action-oriented culture, the ability to make swift decisions is paramount in bringing ideas to fruition. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere where every individual's unique strengths contribute to our collective success. As a health and exercise-oriented company, we inspire an active lifestyle by partnering with top-performing athletes, but we also promote and support exercise among our employees.</p><p> </p><p> </p><hr><p><em>As part of the recruitment process, we may ask you to conduct a personality test as well as a test that measures logical ability. The purpose of the tests is to evaluate candidates as objective as possible and identify the best possible match for the role. The tests are based on solid research and are taken through our partner Alva Lab.</em><br></p> •

Last updated on May 28, 2024

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