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Resonance · 30+ days ago


About Us

We build sustainable and valuable fashion brands with our proprietary cloud-based technology and services platform, ONE. We are the canvas upon which the future of the $3T fashion industry will be painted, its operating system. We are reimagining it and rebuilding it. We are doing something really fucking big.

make.ONE enables distributed fashion manufacturers around the globe to make clothing on-demand, in real-time, more sustainably than any platform in the world today. Want to know more? Visit our website or and read recent articles about us. Don't believe we can do this? Check out this video. Want even more? Here’s a detailed FAQ. Pro tip: If you want to join us, we’ll expect you to have done some research.

About the Role

make.ONE enables legacy manufacturers to leverage automation and sophisticated operational software to produce digitally printed ONE garments and to become the vibrant and critical link in the last mile of garment construction, packaging, and fulfillment for a network of fashion brands and retailers across the globe.

Flow Engineering & Flow Management are critical and integral components of the Resonance operating system redefining how legacy manufacturing processes can operate in an on-demand creation-to-closet world; Flows drive the application requirements for make.ONE and are an implementation of contracts across all of the MAKE nodes.

As the make.ONE Flow Engineer Manager, you will be responsible for managing a team of flow engineers that collect requirements, build flows and use no-code tools to define (new and existing) Digital Flows for manufacturing ONE garments. You will also working collaboratively with Application Engineering to support the development and implementation of such flows in the software.

As a member of Resonance management, this role will provide the opportunity to drive the execution for one of Resonance’s core products (make.ONE), working directly with the engineering and operational teams as we build the future of this industry. This role is part of the make.ONE Product Owner organization and reports to the Assembly Flow Manager. We’re looking for experienced and curious engineers who can develop and grow a compelling vision for Resonance’s make.ONE application.

About You

You want to DO SOMETHING REALLY FUCKING BIG with your career, with your life, with the impact you make on this planet. This is not your “disruptive pizza delivery that just became a unicorn” kind of company - we’re actually building something important and meaningful, something different, in a really different way. You are an engineer and leader who is unafraid of ambiguity and unknowns, can approach problems with fearless curiosity, and can think outside the boxes of the typical or legacy engineering and manufacturing structures.

You want to reimagine what manufacturing processes are with as much passion as we want to reimagine fashion, because:

  • You’re a leader & engineer who is willing to live our mantra, “I KNOW NOTHING”, learning by doing, by experimenting, by opposing anything that smacks of “conventional wisdom.”
  • You have experience engineering fool proof and efficient manufacturing processes.
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills with a talent for precise articulation of manufacturing problems and strong analytical skills.
  • You have experience managing processes and engineering standard operating procedures from kick off to implementation.
  • You do whatever it takes to make your engineered process and team successful whether that means writing an SOP, training operators on the ground, or hunting down the root cause of a process failure.
  • Ability to thrive in unstructured and dynamically-changing work environment where you can turn incomplete, conflicting, or ambiguous inputs into solid action plans
  • Beyond just implementing new processes, you obsess about continuous process improvement and can optimize for developing and implementing small improvements, mid-size changes to processes, or entire process overhauls.
  • You’ve lived it to learn it before.


  1. Technical skills e.g., ability to gain an in-depth understanding of processes and flows quickly, build in no-code tools like Airtable, create and enhance data reports in tools like Looker, make meaningful contributions to high-stakes discussions on make.ONE Experiences, Learning and Feedback loops, engineering flow modeling, etc.
  2. Experience engineering processes and SOPs for manufacturing and/or logistics.
  3. Strong engineering sensibility, intensely curious, fearlessly inquisitive.
  4. Experience as a lead industrial engineer is a strong plus.


We offer a competitive salary - we'll pay you based on what you have done in the past and what you can do for us in the future. You will also have equity in Resonance.

The biggest benefit is that you will get to join Resonance, a platform to attract the best and the brightest inside and outside of the fashion industry who share the passion to change it and courage to do something really fucking big! This shared umbrella of resources and vision will provide individual opportunities for everyone who joins our team - an equal opportunity to start a brand, create a service company, build a technology company or anything else that leverages our core assets. We have committed to every member of Resonance today and every member who joins in the future, that they will be owners of Resonance and that they will each have the equal opportunity to build something really fucking big on our platform that they can own directly too if they have the ambition and have proved that they have abilities to do so.

Last updated on May 9, 2022

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