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Submission Review (Financial) Analyst - #33588

manilarecruitment · 18 days ago

Our client is a SaaS company based in Australia and operates in the Computer Software industry. They specialize in creating financial viability assessments that assess a business’s financial position and corporate structure. The assessments are usually ordered as a form of due-diligence by a business prior to engaging with a third-party service provider.

They cater to different industries such as Construction, Procurement, Project Management, Property Development, Risk Management and Software.

The company uses powerful technology and best-in-class automation to give their customers deep insights into the financial health of their partners to evaluate whether they will continue to perform.

This is a great opportunity to be part of a company that provides the fastest and easiest way to order financial viability assessments.

Overall purpose and responsibilities of the role

The role involves carefully overseeing the financial assessment process for companies. Key tasks include Checking information for accuracy, completeness, and currency. Examining financial documents to ensure they meet requirements and understanding them thoroughly. Accurately inputting financial data into a digital platform. Asking for clarifications and additional data from assessed companies with clear communication.

Duties & Responsibilities:

➤ Reviewing Submission of information from Companies being assessed under a financial viability assessment process. This includes:

  • confirming details provided by the Company being assessed matches details provided by customers.
  • ensuring all relevant questions have been answered fully and correctly.
  • confirming supporting documentation matches the correct formats and is accurate in content and format.
  • ensuring information provided is as up to date as possible within acceptable timeframes.

– The company’s focus is to ensure that all the information provided to us is as accurate and complete as possible as customers rely on this information and their assessments to make informed decisions about their contractors. Attention to detail and ability to identify missing data quickly and accurately is highly important.

➤ Checking and reconciling provided financial information; typically involves checking the following:

  • ensuring the relevant Entity’s name is on the Financial Statements.
  • checking the relevant time period(s) have been provided.
  • confirming that complete documents have been provided, which includes:

– full Profit and Loss and Trading Statement (if applicable),

– Balance Sheet,

– Notes with breakdowns of accounts (if applicable),

– Directors Statement and Compilation Statement/Auditors Report (if applicable)

  • reading through notes/accountant statements/auditor’s report to ensure full understanding of the statements.
  • checking the reconciliation of the Balance Sheet to ensure total figures are correctly calculated.
  • checking for the inclusion of all figures.
  • confirming the reconciliation of incomes, expenses, and accounts across periods.
  • and being comfortable to highlight any concerns or key points relevant clearly and concisely to the assessment.

➤ Uploading and mapping Financial Information to the digital platform, which will include:

  • extracting the relevant pages from the financial statements,
  • uploading the documents to the platform,
  • confirming the digitization is correct and all numbers and line items have been captured,
  • correctly and accurately mapping the different incomes, expenses, and accounts into their respective relevant fields for assessment purposes,
  • downloading a CSV file and uploading the file to the platform for use in the assessment.

Requires an understanding of the financial statements and relevant assessment process to ensure you can make relevant comments that may be relevant to the assessment.

➤ Requesting Clarifications and additional information from the Companies they assess. This will require the ability to communicate clearly and concisely with company contacts including accounts teams, accountants, financial managers, chief financial officers, company Directors, and administrators. You will need to be able to detail the discrepancies or gaps in the information provided in a clear way to ensure that responses come through in a timely manner and additional communication is not required.

➤ Communicating with the team of Analysts will be one of the most important tasks to ensure that all relevant information is relayed and that the Analyst assessing the Company is fully aware of any concerns or issues that may need further attention.


Skills & Qualifications:

  • At least 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience
  • Must have had experience with Australian financial statements and financial analysis - Preferably someone who has worked in an accounting firm or has knowledge in accounting background.
  • Intermediate Understanding of Financial Statements and Corporate Structures under Australian Standards (different elements, proper balancing, components, and structure)
  • Experience with Australian accounting processes and standards and experience working with Australian businesses
  • Intermediate ability to understand, interpret and reach conclusions based on both standard and non-standard information. 
  • Experience in showing initiative and raising issues, concerns, and ideas to improve processes, product, and systems if and when necessary.
  • Strong ability to prioritise workflows and requirements.
  • Has experience in working with construction or procurement industry is advantageous.
  • Good communication skills – someone who is not afraid to speak up.
  • Team Player who is happy to work and develop or improve the process.
  • Organized and has keen attention to detail.

Job type: Permanent

Emp type: Full time, Monday - Friday; 8AM - 5PM PH Time

Location: Work From Home

Industry: Financial Services

Expertise: Finance

Last updated on Mar 26, 2024

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