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Transportation- Driver - Mon.-Fri. 6:00am-8:30am & 2:30pm-4:00pm

indliving · 30+ days ago
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**All applicants must have a smart phone or tablet with internet access and location capabilities.**


While this position specifies responsibilities, requirements and duties in certain operational areas, this person is an employee at will of Independent Living Services, Inc. and will be expected to respond to such requests not specifically contained herein. This person must maintain the attitude that he/she works for the total organization, and as such, exhibit proper cooperation, enthusiasm and interest in all areas deemed necessary for the continuing success of ILS programs. Knowledge of the ILS Policy and Personnel Manuals is required.


This person will provide necessary transportation services for people who receive services from ILS. This position works directly under the supervision of ILS Apartment Manager.


General duties and guiding principles:

Focus first on the person being served, and understand that my role in direct supports will require flexibility, creativity, and commitment.

Know and respect the values of the people I support and facilitate their expression of choices related to those values.

Provide advocacy when the individual's preferences, needs, or talents are neglected or overlooked.

Encourage growth and recognize the autonomy of the individuals receiving services while also being attentive reducing their risk of harm

Develop relationships with the individuals I support that are respectful, based on mutual trust, and that maintains professional boundaries.

Address challenging behaviors proactively and respectfully, using methods outlined in the ILS Employee Handbook, and follow any behavior management plans in effect for specific individuals.

Help individuals I support understand and express their rights and responsibilities.

Recognize that each individual I provide services has potential for lifelong learning and growth.

Assist the individuals I support to understand their options and the possible consequences of their options as they relate to their physical and emotional health and well being.

Be conscious of my own values and how they influence my professional decisions.

Maintain competency in my profession through continued learning and attending and being an active participant in staff meetings and trainings.

Assume responsibility and accountability for my actions and decisions.

Recognize the importance of modeling valued behaviors to co-workers, individuals receiving services, and the community at large.

Practice responsible work habits.

Being on time for work.

Completing all necessary documentation to assure compliance with all state and federal regulations. These may include, but are not limited to: daily data sheets and clinic notes, attendance logs, time records, incident reports, behavior reports, accident reports, seizure reports, etc.

Maintaining strict confidentiality for all consumer information, and facility operations.



Job Duties:

1. To provide individuals with necessary transportation for purposes of attending work, school, medical appointments, grocery and/or personal shopping, bill paying, banking, recreation/leisure activities, etc.;

2. To operate vehicle(s) in a safe manner through use of defensive driving skills, use of seat belts, observation of all traffic laws, and maintain proper control of passengers without being rude;

3. To complete required paperwork for the operation of the vehicle(s) such as ATA reports, ILS maintenance checklist, accident/incident reports;

4. To attend staff meetings and in-service training provided by ILS and/or other training activities as needed or required;

5. To provide/assist with van maintenance of all vehicles by keeping van(s) clean, filled with gasoline/oil, reporting any problems to the Manager or Program Director and arranging for repair;

6. To be familiar with all ILS/CL emergency procedures, especially those that are related to operating a vehicle;

7. To assist supervisor in developing bus routes in the most expedient and economical manner;

8. To be a "role model" for individuals served by ILS and a representative of Independent Living Services, Inc.


High School Education or equivalent

Maintain a current negative Health Card or chest x-ray (TB skin test).

Must be able to operate a vehicle and demonstrate safe driving skills;

Seven years driving experience and possess a valid AR/Other state driver's license in good standing;

Possess a good driving record for the last three years;

Must be insurable as an ILS driver through ILS insurance;

Have proof of current personal vehicle liability insurance;

Ability to observe and record data to fill out reports;

Ability to communicate clearly with staff and consumers through use of telephone and/or other verbal means;

Ability to follow necessary procedures in case of emergency situation(s);

Ability to lift a minimum of 40 pounds.

Drivers must have no health conditions that would compromise the safety of the passengers in their care while operating the vehicle. A driver will need a current health examination in their personnel file. Drug testing will be part of the health exam with no cost to the employee. This will need to be completed annually. A driver must have vision of 20/40 corrected, normal hearing in both ears and be free of any medical conditions that could endanger the safety of the passengers (such as blood pressure problems, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.).


See Employee Handbook Section 201 201A. Benefits eligibility is based on category classification and hours worked per week.

NOTE: Part-time employees working less than 30 hours weekly do not qualify for benefits.

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Last updated on Dec 6, 2021

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