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High-Speed Packaging and Continuous Improvement Technician for Leafy Greens Food Products

aerofarms · 30+ days ago

Position Overview: We are seeking a skilled High-Speed Packaging Technician to join our team in ensuring the efficient and effective packaging of leafy greens food products. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with high-speed packaging machinery, particularly Multivac pack lines and Yamato weigh scale feeders. 


  1. Operate, maintain, and troubleshoot high-speed packaging equipment, including Multivac pack lines and Yamato weigh scale feeders, to ensure optimal performance and maximum efficiency. 

  1. Conduct regular inspections and preventative maintenance tasks on packaging machinery to minimize downtime and ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. 

  1. Monitor packaging processes and make necessary adjustments to maintain product integrity and meet production targets. 

  1. Perform routine equipment setups and changeovers to accommodate different packaging requirements and product specifications. 

  1. Collaborate with production and quality control teams to address any packaging-related issues and ensure product quality and consistency. 

  1. Utilize inkjet printers, scales, labelers, tray sealing equipment, and conveyors to complete packaging operations accurately and efficiently. 

  1. Troubleshoot PLC systems and control systems to identify and resolve technical issues as they arise. 

  1. Document equipment performance, maintenance activities, and troubleshooting procedures in accordance with company protocols. 

  1. Train and mentor junior technicians or operators as needed to develop their skills and knowledge of packaging machinery. 

  1. Runs test runs with updated packaging materials, package changes, and troubleshoots solutions to process changes. 

  1. Perform other technical and engineering related equipment improvements, maintenance and troubleshooting as assigned.  


  1. 5-7 years of hands-on experience maintaining and improving performance of high-speed packaging operations, preferably in the food industry. 

  1. Proficiency in operating and maintaining pack lines and multi-head weigh scale feeders is desirable. 

  1. Strong technical skills in troubleshooting, repairing, and improving packaging equipment, including inkjet printers, scales, labelers, tray sealing equipment, marking and inspection equipment, and conveyors. 

  1. Familiarity with PLC systems and control systems, with the ability to diagnose and resolve electrical and mechanical issues by monitoring the PLC program operation. 

  1. Excellent attention to detail and ability to follow standard operating procedures to ensure product quality and safety. 

  1. Effective communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced production environment.  Ability to train operations and maintenance technicians on how to perform PM’s and Operate equipment. 

  1. Flexibility to work rotating shifts and weekends as required to support production schedules.  Willing and able to work in Cold Chain room conditions 33-38F. 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  1. Certification or formal training in packaging machinery technical operation, maintenance and or related field. 

  1. Experience working with leafy greens or perishable food products is a plus. 

  1. Knowledge of lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement methodologies expedite change overs, swap parts, and change input materials. 

  1. Ability to adapt to new technologies and willingness to participate in ongoing training and development opportunities. 

    In accordance with organizational protocol, employees will at times be required to fill absences in the operation process that are equal to or lower than their positional hierarchy. Additionally, if an employee is absent, the role of the absent employee is to be completed by their immediate superior.

Last updated on Mar 22, 2024

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