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Join us as International Marketing Manager! Vitamin Well I NOCCO I Barebells

vitamin · 16 days ago
Spaces - Amsterdam, De Walvis
<p><em>At <strong>Vitamin Well Group</strong>, we provide healthier and better tasting drinks, snacks, and protein products. Our main brands are Vitamin Well, NOCCO and Barebells, but we also own local brands such as Nobe, Smiling and Tyngre. Our business has continued to grow rapidly since Vitamin Well Group was founded in Sweden 2006 and in 2022 we reported a revenue of over 4 billion SEK (~360M USD). </em></p><p><em>Vitamin Well Group provide products in over 40 markets (and growing), managed through a combination of subsidiaries, distributors, and local satellite teams. The key to our success on our distributor markets (~20 markets in Europe and Asia) lies in fostering robust business collaborations with our esteemed distributors. </em><em>Our success is the result of a strong belief in ourselves and our products. We are a fast-paced and daring company, with a strong overarching strategy. </em><br></p><figure><img src="" alt="VW_Nocco_Barebells_Logo.jpg"></figure><figure><img src="" alt="SE-Combo-hiBob-Visual-1920x852-240108-2-100.jpg"></figure><hr><h5><strong>To bolster our growth, particularly in southern and eastern Europe, we are introducing a new International Marketing Manager role in our Amsterdam hub. This role is crucial for leading marketing efforts in these vital and growing markets, aiming to amplify our presence and fortify distributor relations.</strong><br></h5><p><br></p><p>Our Amsterdam hub serves as the core from which we forge and deepen strategic partnerships with distributors throughout Europe. We strive for more than just transactions; we seek profound collaboration that ensures brand consistency and fosters mutual growth. By adopting innovative marketing strategies, including joint promotions, targeted shopper marketing campaigns, and leveraging influencer and event marketing, we aim to boost brand visibility and drive sales. Our concerted efforts are designed to distinguish our brands and secure prime market positioning.</p><p>The <strong>International Marketing Manager </strong>will play a crucial role in this dynamic environment, reporting directly to the Head of Marketing for Distributor Markets. Based in Amsterdam, this position is at the heart of our strategy to navigate and excel in diverse and evolving markets.</p><p> </p><h5>THE NEW POSITION AS INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MANAGER - DISTRIBUTOR MARKETS<br></h5><p>As the International Marketing Manager you will be responsible for developing and executing strategic brand initiatives to drive awareness and engagement across multiple international markets. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure brand consistency and alignment with business objectives while identifying opportunities for growth and expansion.</p><p> </p><h5>Responsibilities include: </h5><ul><li>Implement and adjust the global brand strategy to the local markets.</li><li>Collaborate with regional teams to adapt brand messaging, positioning, and campaigns to local market dynamics and consumer preferences.</li><li>Lead the development of integrated marketing campaigns, including advertising with a strong focus on digital marketing, social media, and PR initiatives, to effectively reach target audiences.</li><li>Conduct market research and analysis to identify emerging trends, competitive landscapes, and consumer insights, leveraging data to inform strategic decisions.</li><li>Manage marketing budgets, forecasting, and performance tracking, ensuring ROI and KPIs are met or exceeded.</li><li>Champion brand guidelines and standards, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints and channels.</li><li>Cultivate relationships with key stakeholders, including agencies, partners, and internal teams, to drive collaboration and alignment on brand and marketing objectives.</li></ul><p><br></p><h5>WHO ARE YOU? </h5><p>We are on the hunt for an extraordinary International Marketing Manager to join our team, someone who not only dreams in color but thinks with strategic precision. If you're someone who's been weaving success stories in the world of marketing on an international stage, then this role might just be your next big break. We're looking for a candidate who embodies the spirit of innovation and possesses the prowess to propel our brands to uncharted territories. </p><p> </p><h5>Here's what makes our ideal candidate stand out:</h5><ul><li><strong>5-8 Years Experience</strong> in marketing and brand, particularly with a global or international focus, demonstrating a broad market understanding.</li><li><strong>Proven Track Record</strong> in implementing brand strategies that achieve significant results, showcasing strategic acumen.</li><li><strong>Exceptional Analytical Skills</strong> for dissecting data, spotting trends, and guiding decisions, emphasizing an analytical mindset.</li><li><strong>Stellar Communication</strong> abilities to inspire and lead cross-functional teams, proving leadership capabilities.</li><li><strong>Creative &amp; Strategic Vision</strong> that combines innovative thinking with strategic planning, fueled by a passion for impactful branding.</li><li><strong>Agility in Fast-Paced Environments</strong>, adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously, highlighting excellent project management.</li><li><strong>FMCG Experience</strong> in Europe, ideally with Italian proficiency, offering industry-specific insights and cultural fluency.</li><li><strong>Bachelor's Degree</strong> in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field, underpinning a solid academic background.</li></ul><p><br></p><h5><strong>WHAT WE OFFER:</strong> <br></h5><p>Working at Vitamin Well, we provide a dynamic environment defined by ambition, dedication, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Embracing diversity and inclusion is crucial for us, as we believe that a variety of perspectives fuels innovation. Rapid growth is not only a testament to our success but also an opportunity for our employees to evolve alongside us.</p><p><br>In our action-oriented culture, the ability to make swift decisions is paramount in bringing ideas to fruition. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere where every individual's unique strengths contribute to our collective success. We deeply value and appreciate the efforts of our team members, recognizing that this mix is fundamental to our thriving workplace. As we expand, we remain dedicated to ensuring that each employee has the chance to grow both professionally and personally.</p><p> </p><h5><br><br><strong>Welcome with your application on the latest April 26th 2024. <strong>We will review applications on an ongoing basis and the position may be filled before the last application day.</strong> </strong></h5><p> </p><p>As every process is unique and so are you, we will ask you to submit a CV and not only apply with your LinkedIn profile. </p><p> <strong><br></strong></p><hr><p><em>As part of the recruitment process, we may ask you to conduct a personality test as well as a test that measures logical ability. The purpose of the tests is to evaluate candidates as objective as possible and identify the best possible match for the role. The tests are based on solid research and are taken through our partner Alva Lab.</em><br></p> •

Last updated on Mar 26, 2024

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