Family Ministries Associate | Abbotsford
5 months ago
Abbotsford, Canada

Reports to: Lead Pastor


The Family Ministries Associate ensures families (kids, students, youth and young adults) who attend the Site are receiving care, connecting in community, and are being discipled. discipleship and and are able to receive the resources they need in order to disciple their family well. They are also involved in the Abbotsford community in order to connect with families, kids, students, and young adults. This position executes family events and is responsible for the daily leadership and operations of Family ministry and the teams of Village Kids, Village Youth, Young Adults and Women, while overseeing ministries, their volunteers, and their Leads. Their focus is on relationally leading, caring for and growing volunteer teams, Sunday and weekday ministry operations, family event execution, building community within their teams and families, recruiting and training volunteers, and administration.


  • Relational Leadership: Leads in an honest, respectful, trustworthy and sensitive manner, in order to bring others alongside the mission of developing fully devoted followers of Christ. Possesses a diplomatic style and can connect on a broad spectrum. Takes time to get to know others, to build rapport and trust, establishing a common bond. Builder of strong relationships that hold teams together.
  • People Focus: Intuitively sees the needs and concerns of others and responds. Collaborates well and has a servant attitude. Builds rapport with others and wins them over. Demonstrates a high Emotional Quotient (EQ) and the ability to read people.
  • Results Orientation: Increased drive towards action and making things happen. As a high energy, catalytic, self-starter, is able to effectively drive the action of others and make things happen. Sets challenging and achievable goals and has a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and getting work done.
  • Collaboration: Works cooperatively with others and follows through on assigned tasks. It’s an all hands on deck approach to ensure deliverables are completed on time. Works together effectively with interdependent goals and common values and norms to foster a best team environment.
  • Attention to Communication: Able to ensure that key information is passed onto others by clearly expressing and capturing ideas and concepts. Is sensitive to the communication levels required by varied audiences, (families, kids, youth) and is able to adapt accordingly.


  • Provides overall management of the Family Ministries volunteer team, including recruitment, training appreciation, support and scheduling.
  • Provides oversight for the operational standards of all Family Ministry initiatives, events, classes, and training.
  • Pursues relationships with unchurched people and is intentionally active in reaching out to the community through initiatives and events.
  • Participates with Lead Pastor on yearly Family Ministry strategy and budget.
  • Ensures regular contact with families and team members during the week.
  • Ensures the overall Sunday guest experience meets the standards of excellence as defined in the Operations Guide.
  • Manages the Family Ministries communication and communication platforms.
  • Provides weekly Family Ministry report to the Lead Pastor.
  • Uses Village Connect as outlined in the operations guide.
  • Oversees the management of all Family Ministries equipment and supplies for Sundays and events.
  • Participates in local,Village-wide and regional events.
  • Ensures all responsibilities are completed in a purposeful, strategic and focused manner that points people to Jesus.
  • Acts as a servant by inviting, discipling, training and equipping others to serve.
  • Ensures all responsibilities are produced, promoted and lead with a high level of innovation and excellence, honouring God at the highest level.
  • Acts with a sense of ambitious urgency, ensuring all work is completed wisely and impactfully. Time is a gift from God, so make it count.
  • Maintains an openness to being a learner by committing to continuous spiritual, professional, and self development.
  • Contributes to the best team culture by participating joyfully and working well with Manager and peers.
  • Commits to thanking volunteers and teams on a weekly basis.
  • Demonstrates behaviour consistent with the Standard of Conduct as outlined in the Village Staff Manual.



  • The effectiveness of lives being transformed by the Gospel is increasing according to the recommended rate of growth as outlined in the Family Ministries Guide, and are being tracked through serving, Sunday and midweek group attendance, baptisms, and giving
  • Volunteers serve joyfully and authentically out of the Good News that we are redeemed and have purpose in Jesus. Everything we do points back to this.


  • Volunteer teams are healthy in number and commitment; they are equipped, engaged, and appreciated.
  • People are given the opportunity to use their gifts and talents in high capacity volunteer roles - entering into the work that Christ is doing through the local church.
  • There are strong relationships and partnerships are being fostered with families and key leaders. Families are being cared for on a personal level and connected into the Village community.
  • Family Ministry events are being executed.


  • Culture is being considered in every aspect of the ministry. There is awareness of the audience, and an understanding of the brokenness of the world in real life - how to enter into it, and why we all need the gospel.
  • Teams are representing the truths of Christianity to the world in insightful, creative, and unexpected ways - going into the surrounding culture to bring Jesus to everyone.
  • Pursues relationships with unchurched people - connecting with them, inviting them to events and Sunday services.
  • The local community around Village Abbotsford will be familiar with the Family Ministry Pastor as serving, partnering and evangelistic initiatives are active.



    • Philosophically aligned with Village Church’s Mission, Theology, Focus and strategy.
    • Fulfills character qualifications as highlighted in 1 Timothy and Titus.
    • Fulfill the duties required of Village Church members as outlined in the ‘This is Village Church’ course.
    • Pursues a deeper relationship with Christ and greater spiritual growth through prayer, the gospel, and community. Is a disciple.
    • Has spiritual gifts and skill sets that include: shepherding, leadership, discernment, and administration.
    • Must have proven experience leading and managing teams.
    • Has experience serving the local church.
    • Has passion and skill for leading families, adults, and volunteers.


    • 40 hrs/week
    • Flexible schedule, evenings and Sunday

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Reports to: Lead PastorPRIMARY OBJECTIVEThe Family Ministries Associate ensures families (kids, students, youth and young adults) who attend the Site are receiving care, connecting in community, and are being discipled. discipleship and and are able to receive the resources they need in order to disciple their family well.
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