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Level 2 Brand Agent Application - Massachusetts

mybrandforce · 21 days ago


Meet your new favorite gig.

When you join MyBrandForce, you’ll complete local retail assignments for well-known brands using your smartphone. Being a Brand Agent is great fit for everyone and anyone looking for a flexible schedule! Whether you're a truck driver, a stay-at-home parent, a full-time office worker, or fully retired, your schedule fits with our schedule! With each mission you complete, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Consumer Packaged Goods industry works and gain the opportunity to learn & practice marketable skills that look great on any resume. 

You can choose your assignments, set your own schedule, and grow your career at your own pace.   


How it works

Using your smartphone, you’ll take pictures, restock products, and implement sales promotions.

Your work will empower emerging brands to grow and enable big brands to reduce waste. 


Complete Missions for brands like:


Brand Agents power MyBrandForce – operating in retail stores, collecting real-time data, and performing field services that allow brands to reach their full potential. Our Brand Agents join our Force and use our proprietary app to collect observational data in the retail environment. Brand Agents photograph, survey, and submit their findings to our Command Center to complete their Mission. A typical Level 1 Mission takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete in the store and pays $10-$25 depending on the mission. As the mission level increases, so does the responsibility and pay! Even better, you have the choice to claim and complete your mission when it’s convenient for you and at any time the location is open. Because our positions are not tied to a particular location, you may become a Brand Agent from anywhere to be ready to complete missions when they come to you! 

Essential Brand Agent Responsibilities :

  • Arrive at the mission location and locate the client or brand’s products that are in your mission
  • Record the location of the product in the retail environment and its placement type
  • Photograph product(s) before and after any needed reorganization or merchandising 
  • Complete and upload your mission to our Command Center
  • This list of possible actions may vary based on the requirements of your specific mission

Required Job Qualifications :

  • Possession of a reliable smartphone with a clear working camera
  • Dependable transportation 
  • Good customer service skills
  • Ability to work independently

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Customer service experience 
  • Familiarity with a mobile internet browser 
  • Must be positive, comfortable, and pleasant when engaging with strangers

Opportunity for Expansion

Once you become a Brand Agent, you can level up your earning potential with our Brand Academy.
With this free in-app resource, you can learn marketable skills to support long-term growth. 

All Brand Agents may complete lower-level missions, but those at Level 3 and above require a background check. 


Being a Brand Agent with MyBrandForce is perfect for those looking for seasonal work, temporary work, part time work, part-time work or for those looking for a flexible earning opportunity. Hours are completely flexible, you can work on your schedule. Our Brand Agents come from all backgrounds and industries ranging from food service and delivery to traditional driving and transportation industries as well as customer service, hospitality, CPG, and retail industries. Partnering with MyBrandForce is perfect for college students, entry level or part-time workers looking for flexible earning opportunities.

If you are an actor, actress, admin, administrative, artist, assistant, barista, bartender, barback, bus boy, busboy, busser, cabbie, cab driver, cab-driver, carrier, chauffeur, professional cleaner, cleaners, clerical, coffee, college student, construction, contractor, contract worker, courier, customer service, customer service agent, data entry, data-entry, delivery driver, designer, drivers, education, entry level, entry-level, expo, finance, food runner, food-runner, food runner, food courier, freelancer, freelance worker, full time, full-time, gig economy user, health care, healthcare, host, hostess, hosts, human resources, human-resources, independent contractor, intern, interns, IT, maid, maintenance, management, manager, manufacturing, marketing, messenger, musician, network marketing, nurse, office, on-demand driver, package courier, package delivery driver, package bike courier, part time, part-time, private hire driver, receptionist, receptionists, restaurant, restaurant delivery driver, retail, retail associate, sales, sales person, salesperson, seasonal worker, server, servers, security, college student, students, summer job seeker, take out, takeout, take-out, teacher, teachers, temp, valet, valets, waiter, waitress, warehouse, writer, worker who is looking for a flexible part time or seasonal gig, you should become a Brand Agent with MyBrandForce to supplement your income! 


Apply below! 

(If you’d like to learn more, visit

Note: Uploading a resume is optional.

Last updated on May 28, 2024

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